Working with Perception of Intent

February 3, 2010 at 12:44 am (Music) (, , , , )

So just this past Saturday I had the privilege of working with a local Minneapolis/St. Paul band that goes by the name of Perception of Intent. They are a Metal band, influenced by bands such as Killswitch Engage, White Chapel, and such. We tracked drums for one of their originals “Threads of Humanity.” We also tracked drums for a cover of Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage. The session was quite a party involving two recording artists, five engineers, a cameraman, and one bystander. Xander Moser took the roll of Engineer as the rest of us, Kollin Christopherson, Brett Schaan, Tyler Matlock, and myself, Austin Yoder, helped whenever needed with such things as mic placement, loading and unloading equipment, and other small tasks. Matt Jacbosen documented the session with his trusty camera. Since the session was going to be sent to Texas where vocals would be tracked, we weren’t involved with any editing, just a rough mix.¬†Perception of Intent’s most recent show was January 8th at Station 4 for the Slave to the Metal Music Festival.

Below is a video compilation of the session.

For updates, media, and shows regarding Perception of Intent check out their MySpace at



  1. jordmn said,

    very cool!

  2. dburns200 said,

    partayyy in studio 7! rock onnn! \m/

  3. grandtheftllama said,

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  4. kenbern said,

    I think I was at school when you worked with the band! wow, your band is engineering that band, I hope to G-d you can at least perform with them or somn for compensation.

  5. thekollin said,

    party all the time

  6. Matt Branigan said,

    Real sick vid…like the intro a lot. Looks like the session went well, keep it pumpin.

  7. nshvetzoff said,

    i like the video man! keep it up!

  8. moonbeatblog said,

    Nice video, the guitar player is pretty awesome

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